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The presence of MEDICAL CONCERN SA
The Modern Diagnostic - Research and Treatment Center MEDICAL CONCERN SA was founded in 1991. It is based in Kipoupolis in order to offer complete and high-level medical services. It has an annex in Petroupolis and covers a wider area of ​​Western Attica including Petroupoli, Kipoupoli, Palatiani, Anthoupoli, Nea Zoi, Peristeri, Egaleo, Ilion, Agii Anargiri. Kamatero, Menidi, Ano Liosia, Chaidari, Agar Varvara, Nice, Korydallos and others. Knowing from the foundation and up to date a continuous rise, MEDICAL CONCERN SA managed to give the inhabitants of Western Attica a more modern presence at a scientific, diagnostic level, with high-tech equipment, similar to the similar diagnostic centers abroad.
MEDICAL CONCERN SA is the most modern diagnostic center currently operating in Western Attica, and covers effectively and completely any diagnostic problem of its residents.
The state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, which together with our experienced doctors’ many years of experience and excellent staff training, enables us to meet all the diagnostic needs of residents in the wider area. The results of most diagnostic tests are immediately delivered with their quality assured. The medical departments of MEDICAL CONCERN SA and its workshops cover areas of 1000 m² and over and there are 50 doctors and 40 people qualified scientific and administrative staff.
MEDICAL CONCERN SA today prevails in the wider region of Western Attica and rightly has a strong social presence which is unanimously welcomed.
Today's clientele is scattered throughout the Attica basin from Kifissia to Piraeus and much of our province and islands.
They make a daily effort to further improve and upgrade the services provided by MEDICAL CONCERN SA in the sensitive health area and we have ambulances for 24-hour patient transport in Attica and across Greece.
It also provides organized home-based blood collection and treatment services, and is contracted with all funds and all private insurance organizations.
The immediate objectives of our company are its expansion with Medical Centers and other areas of ATTICA.